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Marc de Buur has been fostering his own approach to his electronic music career since 2007. From boundless reserves of inspiration and passion, he tries to experiment with his own sounds. Since 2007, a small inconspicuous discog has come together, where you can follow the steady growth of his productions.

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2019 Myself on Legacy of Trance Recordings
2019 Superstring on Phoenix Recordings
2018 Back to Gaia on Phoenix Recordings
2018 Troja on Midnight Aurora
2018 Theme from Aurea on Phoenix Recordings
2017 Wherever You Are on Blackout Trance
2017 Lonely Tears on Mindlifting Records
2017 Memories on Mindlifting Records
2016 Neverland on State Control Records
2014 Shining Stars on B-Sonic Music
2013 Solarstorm on B-Sonic Music
2011 A Moment Like This on PB-Records
2010 24 Hours on PB Italy
2010 Lifesign on PB Italy
2010 Infection on PB-Records
2010 Unleashed on PB-Records
2010 Sensuous Moments on PB-Records
2008 Conjure One on Globaltraxx Records
2008 Pulse frequency on Globaltraxx Records
2008 One Vision on Globaltraxx Records
2008 Follow me on Globaltraxx Records
2008 Spectrum Energize on Globaltraxx Records
2008 The End on Globaltraxx Records
2008 Sound of Liberty on Globaltraxx Records

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2018 Renal Shamsutdinov – Moments & Pieces on Tecnomind Music
2018 Snowface – What Would Happen on Joyride Recordings
2016 Spawn – Asahi on State Control Records
2014 Romsky – Nebula on OvertMind Records
2013 Sonic Body – X-15 on B-Sonic Music
2013 Sebastian Relius – Journey of a Lifetime on B-Sonic Music
2013 Eric Sendecki – The Secret on B-Sonic Music
2013 Braden Erhardt – Yatsu on B-Sonic Music
2013 Nosquadara – Tales of Fortune on TraceMusic
2012 ASKII – Tales & Legends on D.Max Recordings
2010 Planet Bass – Zeitgeist on PB-Records
2010 DJ Loony SR – Just Before Sunset on PB-Records
2010 DJ Loony SR – One Tree In The Fog on PB-Records
2010 DJ Axel F. – Dreams Of Blue 2k10 on SPOK-Media Records
2008 DJ Loony SR – 2 Mother Earth on Globaltraxx Records
2006 DJ Loony SR – Just still recognized on Globaltraxx Records

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