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03 März 2021

Stéphane Marvel supported Marc de Buur on Cosmyca

COSMYCA -The Light Of Life - Episode: 165 by Stéphane Marvel

Data Transmission: [03.03.2021]


CosmycaSandro Mireno [Abora Skies]Trance Ferhat [Nahawand Recordings]EClipse [Trancespired Recordings]Han Beukers & FAWZY [Legacy Of Trance Recordings] and more…


01. Cosmyca: Intro
02. Sandro Mireno [Abora Recordings]: In Your Memory (Extended Mix)
03. Trance Ferhat [Nahawand Recordings]: Beautiful Feelings (Original Mix)
04. EClipse [Trancespired Recordings]: Inspiration (Extended Mix)
05. Han Beukers & FAWZY [Legacy Of Trance Recordings]: Flauwekul Is Flawekul (Marc de Buur Remix)
06. FAWZY MUSIC & Hotze [Nahawand Recordings]: The World We Desire ( Terra V. Remix)
07. Martin Libsen [Pure Trance]: Epsilon Eridani (Extended Mix)
08. Rapid Elements & Dirkie Coetzee [We Are Trance]: Metanoia (Extended Mix)
09. EnerLift [Nrgized Audio]: Sky Rocket (Extended Mix)
10. Paul Denton [FSOE]: Existence (Extended Mix)
11. Michael Angelo & Solo [Amsterdam Trance]: Every Time We Said Goodbye 2021 (Extended Mix)
12. Binary Finary & Kinetica feat. Audrey [ Nocturnal Knights Music]: In Your Blood (XiJaro & Pitch remix)
13. Cosmyca: Outro

Back to Gaia // Marc de Buur - Back to Gaia
  1. Back to Gaia // Marc de Buur - Back to Gaia
  2. Myself // Marc de Buur - Myself
  3. Flauwekul is Flauwekul (Marc de Buur Remix) // Han Beukers & FAWCY - Flawekul is Flauwekul
  4. Suntasia (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Suntasia
  5. Superstring (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Superstring
  6. Neverland // Marc de Buur - Neverland