First Remix 2021!
17 Februar 2021

First Remix 2021

On the 26th of February we will release this very special anthem.

Han Beukers & FAWZY

created this track as a tribute to Han’s father Adriaan, who sadly passed away at the end of last year. We were really honoured when Han & FAWZY came to us with this track. And we wanted to take part in this tribute. So we decided to create a digital guard of honour to support the two original versions.

A stunning 13 remixes will be released together with the Club Mix and Adriaan’s Orchestral version (which was created especially for Han’s mother)

Remixes featured are remixes by

Michel Westerhoff, DJ Ten, Terra V., Mike Spinner,

Marc de Buur

Magnevi, Victor Special Official, Milosh K, Gayax, Joram Smit, Dj Gigiok aka Robert Costin, Sid GM Ruben de Jong

Neverland // Marc de Buur - Neverland
  1. Neverland // Marc de Buur - Neverland
  2. Flauwekul is Flauwekul (Marc de Buur Remix) // Han Beukers & FAWCY - Flawekul is Flauwekul
  3. Suntasia (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Suntasia
  4. Superstring (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Superstring
  5. Back to Gaia // Marc de Buur - Back to Gaia
  6. Myself // Marc de Buur - Myself