Welcome 2021.
01 Januar 2021

Welcome 2021

Marc de Buur has been fostering his own approach to his electronic music career since 2007. From boundless reserves of inspiration and passion, he tries to experiment with his own sounds.  Since 2007, a small inconspicuous discog has come together, where you can follow the steady growth of his productions.

The website had been redesigned for a long time. We apologize if there is still something missing here and there in shows and releases. First of all it was important to us to put this page in rough online, because it was not online for a long time. The subtleties will definitely be added. In this sense, have fun first of all.

Best regards

Superstring (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Superstring
  1. Superstring (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Superstring
  2. Myself // Marc de Buur - Myself
  3. Neverland // Marc de Buur - Neverland
  4. Suntasia (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Suntasia
  5. Flauwekul is Flauwekul (Marc de Buur Remix) // Han Beukers & FAWCY - Flawekul is Flauwekul
  6. Back to Gaia // Marc de Buur - Back to Gaia