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08 Februar 2019

Marc de Buur – Myself

Myself is a huge, tech-steeped trancer with haunting vocals is the latest production from Marc de Buur. At 138bpm, this imposing style, typical of Marc de Buur’s, drives forward.

You just can't get enough of this beauty anymore.

Convince yourself.

Myself // Marc de Buur - Myself
  1. Myself // Marc de Buur - Myself
  2. Superstring (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Superstring
  3. Flauwekul is Flauwekul (Marc de Buur Remix) // Han Beukers & FAWCY - Flawekul is Flauwekul
  4. Neverland // Marc de Buur - Neverland
  5. Back to Gaia // Marc de Buur - Back to Gaia
  6. Suntasia (Radio Mix) // Marc de Buur - Suntasia