X 15

Sonic Body, Marc de Buur ITunesBeatport
Release Date: 15. May 2013
Label: B-Sonic Trance Emotions
Catalog: BSONIC009S


b-sonic is very happy and proud about releasing the second single of Sonic Body, named “X-15”. With his second release on the b-sonic label, Sonic Body is taking a journey into the world of uplifting trance. Because of the powerful and massive electro-style basslines and the euphoric melody, the track and it’s title is a homage to the glorious days of the early supersonic flights. As the first manned hypersonic aircraft of the marvelous X-plane series, the X-15 first broke the sonic barrier and then ventured to the outer limits of the atmosphere and to the edge of space itself. The label b-sonic describes the positive and negative moods in every human life during listening to all possible styles of trance. On the one hand, everyone knows feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger and isolation. On the other hand, opposite emotional moods such as energetic and euphoric feelings, as well as some moments of overflowing with new ideas, are not out of the ordinary in human’s life. These feelings are fitting best into the trance genre.

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